Matt Sanders is Citywide’s Operations Manager for the Central Ohio market. He’s been working in the industry for 14 years, and we are excited to have him on board! Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Matt.

Matt Sanders grew up in Pickerington, Ohio and enjoyed a happy, active childhood in a tight-knit community close to his large extended family.

He was involved in sports from a young age, having played football, basketball, and baseball from 3rd grade until graduating from high-school.

Matt attended Ohio University, majoring in video production, and picked history as a second major with an emphasis on the British Isles during the sub-Roman/Anglo Saxon migration period.

He also collects vinyl records and books. He calls himself a “bookworm” and his favorite authors include Herman Hesse, Arthur C. Clarke, and George RR Martin.

His start in the security management systems industry happened through a friend’s dad right out of high school. He had a company that primarily did subcontract installation work for the bigger security companies in the area.

Initially, Matt worked as an installation technician during summer and winter breaks and ultimately started working there full time. “Sadly, he passed away unexpectedly, and the company closed about nine months later.” Matt was offered a job as a project manager in a company that had a big focus on fire alarm systems and worked there for several years.

Citywide has opened a new chapter in his professional life. Matt works full time from the Columbus office but works closely with the Cleveland office to keep their practices and policies uniform. Usually, both teams get in a weekly conference call and operational meetings every couple of months.

Matt helps facilitate the implementation of exceptional services, products, and results. He works closely with the salesman, technicians, customers, and distributors.

“We take pride in being a trusted service provider for the likes of companies like Amazon, A&F, Cleveland Clinic, and Heartland Bank, but something I’ve noticed is that we make an effort to provide the same level and quality of service across the board.

There is not much distinction between a one-off residential and the Amazons and A&F’s as far as the commitment goes. I’ve worked for and with many companies in the industry and nobody prioritizes customer service like Citywide. Same day/next day tends to be the rule, not the exception. That’s rare and great.”